Finland winter, Parliamentary Elections 2019

We have old-fashioned winter now: snow, snow and -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) in Southern Finland. In Lapland (in Northern Finland) they have had -30 Celsius or more (-22 Fahrenheit).

Southern Finland, the city of Espoo, 30th January 2019, enough snow :-), but the snow castles and lanterns are nice to make

In April 14th 2019 we have the Parliamentary Elections.

The candidates have not yet discussed of taxation and its principles. The only “new” theme for 20 years is to make the rates of wage-taxation lower.

The local taxation is not discussed and the fact that other taxes which must be higher if we are making wage-taxation lower all the time.

The candidates discuss of health care and immigration which seems to be important, necessary but problematic to us now.

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